. He doesn’t move, doesn’t go after Doomguy - he just stands there until you decide to do something. A terrible start to the worst episode of Doom 1. Doomguy was a badass marine who just couldn't hold all these demons to kill.

Why does doomguy hate demons

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Same with the demons, you can blast them away but through forces unknown they simply reincarnate.

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Daisy is Doomguy's pet rabbit. Hell invaded Argent D'Nur, hungry for said energy.

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For that matter, I’m pretty confident that the Devil hates prayer in language of any sort, but I like to think Latin drives him absolutely crazy—and keeps him away. Categories. . Jun 22, 2016 · Doomguy is a demon (theory) Given how the game allegedly deals with exploiting demonic resources, doomguy could have been infused with demonic whatever being a hybrid or something like that. RELATED: Doom:. Answer (1 of 9): Yes, he would, the Doom Slayer hates demons.

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Chances are, the demon responsible for that seemingly unfair death was the Whiplash.

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