There are many different variations of the shoulder tattoo for men including the shoulder blade, inside shoulder, outside shoulder, front shoulder and the top shoulder or traps. . Although shoulder blade tattoos may become sleeve tattoos when they extend, the main design and structure of waves remain the same. The shoulder blade area can be the ideal placement for photorealistic wings, large animal designs or comprehensive Japanese artwork with bold linework.

Sleeve tattoo design male shoulder shoulder blade

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Megan Fox Shoulder.

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Thigh – more popular with women than men.

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An eagle shoulder tattoo is one such necessary idea that immediately erupts when talking about the star shoulder tattoo designs for men. The shoulder blade tattoo can look cool with bold black lines and a shadow of each wave created in twin shades.

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Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo.

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Several miniature and intricate details are present in the tattoo’s interior, making it stand out beautifully. 14. Shoulder Sleeve Tattoo. Here we solved your problem as we chose the 50 most amazing shoulder tattoo. . A Unique tattoo choice would be an armor tattoo which would look only good on shoulder.

You can also have a tribal sleeve tattoo design that will begin from shoulder and can extend all the way to the wrist.

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The pink shaded rose and camellia look like a painting on the shoulders.

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Fiercely majestic, the mark of the dragon is most glorious when splayed out across the width of the shoulder.

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Right now, the most popular male shoulder tattoos have a theme: 🌟 Tribal tattoos; 🌟 Mandala patterns; 🌟 Religious tattoos; 🌟 Antique and neoclassical designs; 🌟 Tattoos with wings; 🌟 Tattoo designs with clocks; 🌟.

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A simple shoulder tattoo or shoulder blade tattoo etched in black and gray can be done for as little as $150-$200USD for an experienced tattoo artist.

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