png ” and “ eyeslash. When you make it hard for users to enter passwords you create two problems — one of which actually lowers security:. You're setting the icon based on visible value, but you never toggle the value. The snippet uses Font Awesome eye icon inside the.

How to add eye icon in password field

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Now it’s time to add some logic to our example here, we will create an eye icon that you can click to show the password and.

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Step 1: The text will be aligned to the center of the website using the text-align property and the class identifier (. To add the ability to show or hide the password field's visibility, let's create a custom hook in a new file called useTogglePasswordVisibility.

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This Password Show or Hide Feature-based in Javascript.

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. With flex, flex-direction: row, align-items and simple change to the html structure it can be something like this. . Check console, you should see that string does not have method attr () because you assign $ (). The user interacts with the PasswordEye by typing a password into the control. .

When we build SignUp/SignIn form, it will be cool to implement functionality for the user, can see current values that his enter.

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Although WooCommerce creates the My Account page automatically, sometimes you want to add.

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Step 5 (Final step):.

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We will make the icon clickable and see/hide the password.

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